• This product is a new type of multifunctional green office product, which can easily scan paper documents, bills, certificates, books, three-dimensional objects, etc.
  • Scanning with visual camera is convenient, high-speed and fast, eliminating the cumbersome opening and closing actions, mechanical transmission time and noise of traditional scanners; due to the non-contact scanning method and no transmission mechanism, the service life is longer;
  • Use USB power supply, energy saving and environmental protection.
  • This product is also a new type of video booth, which can be used for multimedia video display teaching, object photography, video recording, etc.

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• Visual non-contact high-speed scanning
• Replace the copier function
• Replace the fax machine function
• Three-dimensional object scanning function
• Multimedia video display teaching function:
• Video recording function
• Remote video communication
• Image processing function
• Character recognition function (OCR)
• PDF file creation
• Email function


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