• 100% New High Quality Laptop Battery
  • Model: HSTNN-LB3N
  • Voltage: 10.8V
  • Capacity: 5200mAh
  • Compatibility Brand: HP Laptop
  • Color: Black

Rs. 7,950.00

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• HP Laptop Replacement Battery
• 100% brand new and high quality.
• HP Battery Fit Laptop Model
* HP ENVY M6 Laptop M6-1045DX M6-1035DX M6-1125DX HP ENVY M4 Laptop M4-1015dx M4-1045la M4-1050la M4-1115dx m4-1150la HP ENVY DV6 DV7 laptop
* Pavilion DV4-5001tu Pavilion DV4-5002TX Pavilion DV4-5003TX Pavilion DV4-5004TX Pavilion DV4-5005TX Pavilion DV4-5006TX Pavilion DV4-5007tu Pavilion DV4-5008TX Pavilion DV4-5009TX Pavilion DV4-5010TX Pavilion DV4-5011TX Pavilion DV4-5012TX Pavilion DV4-5014TX
* Pavilion DV6-7000ee Pavilion DV6-7000ej Pavilion DV6-7000se Pavilion DV6-7000sq Pavilion DV6-7001ax Pavilion DV6-7001ev Pavilion DV6-7001tu Pavilion DV6-7002ax Pavilion DV6-7002ev Pavilion DV6-7002ss Pavilion DV6-7002st Pavilion DV6-7002tx Pavilion DV6-7003em
* Pavilion DV7-7000ee Pavilion DV7-7000er Pavilion DV7-7000ev Pavilion DV7-7000se Pavilion DV7-7000sg Pavilion DV7-7001em Pavilion DV7-7001er Pavilion DV7-7001et Pavilion DV7-7001ev Pavilion DV7-7001sg Pavilion DV7-7003 Pavilion DV7-7003eo Pavilion DV7-7003sp Pavilion DV7-7003ss Pavilion DV7-7003tx Pavilion DV7-7003

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