• Multi-usage meet everyday needs
  • Standard 3.5mm interface, suitable for all kinds of notebooks, desktops, mobile phones, ipads, TVs, MP3 / MP4, DVDs, game consoles, projectors, etc.

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• Tone and tone Microlab M-101 2.1 channel multimedia speaker All wooden canines/ Black matte leather/ 4 Inch woofer/ Ground booster design
• High-quality design Populist price high quality design The all wood cabinet adopts black matte veneer and golden inverted tube pre-design, showing high-end and generous Golden Inverter/ Black matte leather/ All wooden cabet
• 4 – inch woofer is more powerful 4 inches more energefic powerful bass unit The subwoofer is built with an all – wood cabinet . The 4 – inch woofer uses Microlab’s professional bass technology to eliminate the distortion and output delay of the subwoofer and make the bass more powerful
• Acoustic guide hole superposition frequency generation is more powerful Acoustic guide hole superposition requency generation is more strong Inverted acoustic structure delsuperimposinut low frequency enter inside and outside the efectively enthuscing boss
• 2.5 inch tweeter Unit 2.5 inches high 2.5 – inch sound unit , high resolution , the details are just right
• Watch movie SEE A OLHE Stunning sound effects enjoyment like a home theater Play Ge PLA’Y A GAIWLE Passionate passion immersive experience
• All wood cabinet adopts black matte veneer
• The pre-design of golden Inverter tube shows the high-end generous Golden mertingtubefront design, all howhih and easy
• The subwoofer uses a high foot pad to provide enough space for the bottom woofer Usehigh formatsubwoofer, Tothe botom of the wocferForenough space

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