SAMSUNG NP R428 NP R429 NP R430 NP R431 NT R431 R440 R418 LAPTOP BATTERY R505

  • 100% New High Quality Laptop Battery
  • Model: R505
  • Voltage: 11.1V
  • Capacity: 5200mAh
  • Compatibility Brand: SAMSUNG Laptop
  • Color: Black

Rs. 7,800.00

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• SAMSUNG Laptop Replacement Battery
• 100% brand new and high quality.
• SAMSUNG Battery Fit Laptop Model
* E152 E251 E252 E372 / NP200 NP300 NP305 NP3415 NP3430 NP3431 / NP-E152 NP-E251 NP-E252 NP-E257 NP-E271 NP-E272 NP-E3415 NP-E3510 NP-E352 NP-E3520 NP-E372 NP-E452 NP-E5510 / NP-P230 NP-P330 NP-P410 NP-P428 NP-P430 NP-P430C NP-P459 NP-P467 NP-P469 NP-P478 NP-P480 NP-P510 NP-P530 NP-P580 / NP-Q310 NP-Q318 NP-Q320 NP-Q460 NP-Q470 NP-Q530
* NP-R403 NP-R408 NP-R411 NP-R418 NP-R425 NP-R453 NP-R455 NP-R457 NP-R469 NP-R525 NP-R528 NP-R530 NP-R719 / NP-RC418 NP-RC530 NP-RC710 NP-RC720 NP-RC730 NP-RF411 NP-RF712 NP-RV409 NP-RV410 NP-RV419 NP-RV420 NP-RV510 NP-RV518 NP-RV711 NP-RV720 / NP-SA11 NP-SA20 NP-SA21 NP-SA31 NP-SA41 NP-SE11 NP-SE20 NP-SE21 NP-SE31 / NT-E152 NT-E251 NT-E252
* P230 P330 P428 P430 P480 P510 P530 / Q230 Q310 Q318 Q320 Q322 Q428 Q430 Q520 Q528 / R408 R420 R423 R427 R428 R429 R430 R431 R439 R440 R462 R463 R464 R465 R466 R467 R468 R470 R478 R480 R503 R505 R507 R508 R517 R518 R519 R520 R522 R523 R538 R540 R580 R590 R620 R718 R719 R720 R728 R730 R780 / RC410 RC420 RC512 RC520 RF410 RF510 RF511 RF710 RF711 RV408 RV411 RV415 RV508 RV509 RV511 RV515 RV520

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