• AMD platform Socket AM4 supports all platforms Intel platform LGA2066 2011-V3 2011/ 1151/ 115X

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• Fan port 4pin Fan current 0.25A(MAX) Fan power 3W Fan size 120*120*25mm Speed of the fan 800-1800rpm±10% Fan air volume 51.2CFM Fan pressure 1.55mm H2O Fan life 30000Hours Fan noise 29.5dB Fan bearing Hydraulic bearing

• Operating Voltage 12VDC Cold row material aluminum Cold row size 154*120*25mm Pump size 78.44*72.62*38.74mm Pump life 70000Hours (8 pole motor) Pump noise <25dB Water pump port 3pin Pump speed 2600±10%RPM Pump current 0.25A±10%(MAX) Pump power 3.5W

• Double-stable metal buckle—easy to install It is firm and reliable. Compared with the heavy-duty twin-tower radiator, the tearing force is low to avoid the main board PCB deformation and damage to the main board.

• 8-pole motor—low heat and high torque Compared with 4-pole motors, the torque is greatly enhanced, The heating of each phase magnetic pole is reduced, and the working time is stable 70,000 hours.

• Full coverage of pure copper base-fast heat conduction The large-area pure copper base can effectively cover the mainstream I/A radiator. With metal bearings, it can conduct heat quickly, run smoothly, and is durable.

• Strong heat dissipation—18FPI high-density fins High-density radiating fins increase the The heat dissipation area allows the water-cooled liquid to cool down quickly.

• FEP polymer water cooling tube Using woven protective net FEP polymer hose, the evaporation rate of the water cooling liquid is lower, the safety is more guaranteed, the service life is longer, and it is more durable and more beautiful.

• LED colorful solar eclipse fan Colorful and colorful decoration of love machine, built-in PWM temperature control The circuit ensures that the speed is adjusted in real time according to temperature changes.

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