• Light source: 650nm (visible)
  • Scan rate: 78 scans per second
  • Resolution: 0.10mm (4mil) PCS0.9
  • Reading distance: 2.5 – 600mm (100% UPC / EAN)
  • Printing contrast: 30% minimum reflective difference
  • Size: 160mm x 65mm x 85mm

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• In order to obtain good reading effect, the target beam projected by the viewfinder should aim at the center of the barcode, but can be aimed in any direction for reading.
• Aim at the barcode and press the trigger to make the target beam in the middle of the barcode.
• The closer to the barcode, The beam becomes smaller farther away from the barcode, The beam becomes larger. If the bar code is small, the scanner should be close to the barcode. If the barcode is larger, the scanner should be further away from the barcode, making it easier to read the barcode correctly.

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