• Quick to Switch Mode
  • Superb Reading Performance
  • Superior Motion Tolerance
  • 1.2m Drop Resistance
  • IP50-rated Sealing
  • IR Trigger

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• Quick to Switch Mode The Switch at the top of the scanner allows users to swiftly toggle between the Regular and Screen modes.
• Superb Reading Performance Armed with Newland’s fifth-generation of technology, the scanner is capable of reading 1D as well as high-volume 2D barcodes on the screen covered with protective film.
• Superior Motion Tolerance Exceptional motion tolerance (2.5m/s) and large FOV (46°) enhance user experience.
• 1.2m Drop Resistance The scanner withstands multiple 1.2m drops to concrete (for six sides, one drop per side).
• IP50-rated Sealing An IP50-rated seal renders the scanner impervious to dust and other contaminant.
• IR Trigger The IR sensor in the scanner enables speedy capture of barcodes presented to it, markedly increasing throughput and productivity.

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